My name is Bodun (though I usually go by Edward). I’m a Computer Science graduate student in the SCEA group at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m fortunate enough to collaborate closely with professor Christopher Rossbach on heterogeneous computing systems. I also worked with professor Simon Peter on programmable switches. I will be joining WISR Lab under the supervision of professor Aditya Akella for my Ph.D. at UT starting at Fall 2021.

My research focuses on the intersection of operating systems, heterogeneity, and network. I am particularly interested in applying novel solutions to system designs where resource management is complex and challenging.

One of the main objectives of my ongoing projects is to reason about suitable abstractions for multi-accelerator operating systems and provide insights in how to design modern operating systems for data centers to reduce data movement overhead.

I obtained both MSc and BS in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, in May 2021, under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Rossbach. My research focused on modernizing GPGPU benchmarking, as well as automating API forwarding to OS kernel space applications.


[ISPASS’20] Altis: Modernizing GPGPU Benchmarks
Bodun Hu, Chritopher J. Rossbach
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Complete Publications

Teaching Experience

Spring 2020: Multicore Operating System Implementation (378)



Altis: a benchmarking suite for heterogeneous systems. The primary goal of this project is to improve and update aspects of existing benchmarking suites which are either insufficient or outdated.

gpuinfo: a minimal command-line utility written in Rust for querying GPU status.


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