09/22/2022: Towards a Machine Learning-Assisted Kernel with LAKE is accepted to ASPLOS’23!
05/23/2022: I will be joining Intel XFG this summer!
09/01/2021: Officially started my PhD.
05/22/2021: I officially graduated from UT Austin!
05/22/2021: Attending Commencement Ceremony. Webcast is available here.
05/21/2021: Attending CNS Graduate Recognition Moments. More information can be found @ here. Live stream @ here.
05/14/2021: Finished everything for my last semester as a Masters student.
04/10/2021: I’ve officially accepted the PhD offer at UT Austin and will be joining WISR lab lead by Professor Aditya Akella starting at Fall 2021.
04/08/2021: Attending MLSys ‘21.
03/10/2021: Finished NSDI ‘22 submission!
03/01/2021: Admitted to several Ph.D. programs!
12/15/2020: Currently applying for PhD program in CS!
08/24/2020: I just finished my presentation for Altis. The video can be found here.
01/28/2020: My paper Altis: Modernizing GPGPU Benchmarking is accepted to ISPASS!