My name is Bodun (though I usually go by Edward). I’m a CS PhD student at UT Austin 🤘, working in the UTNS lab with Aditya Akella and Atlas Wang. My research lies at the intersection of operating systems, network, and machine learning. I love building systems for ML and using ML to enhance systems.

Before my PhD, I worked with Christopher Rossbach on heterogeneous computing at SCEA lab, and with Simon Peter on programmable switches.

I have a MS and a BS in Computer Science from UT Austin, where I also worked on GPU benchmarking and enabling OS kernel access to accelerators.

Check out my blog for my latest projects and news.


09/22/2022: Towards a Machine Learning-Assisted Kernel with LAKE is accepted to ASPLOS’23!
05/23/2022: I will be joining Intel XFG this summer!
09/01/2021: Officially started my PhD.
05/22/2021: I officially graduated from UT Austin!

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MOSEL: Inference Serving Using Dynamic Modality Selection
Bodun Hu, Le Xu, Jeongyoon Moon, Neeraja J. Yadwadkar, Aditya Akella
Preprint 2023

Towards a Machine Learning-Assisted Kernel with LAKE
Henrique Fingler, Isha Tarte, Hangchen Yu, Ariel Szekely, Bodun Hu, Aditya Akella, Christopher J. Rossbach

Altis: Modernizing GPGPU Benchmarks
Bodun Hu, Christopher J. Rossbach
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Teaching Experience

Spring 2020: Multicore Operating System Implementation (378)


2020 ISPASS Student Travel Award
Research Distinction by the College of Natural Sciences


Altis: a benchmarking suite for heterogeneous systems. The primary goal of this project is to improve and update aspects of existing benchmarking suites which are either insufficient or outdated.

gpuinfo: a minimal command-line utility written in Rust for querying GPU status.

Machine Learning System Resources
Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research